Account Manager - PR

Account Manager - PR

Work Location: Ho Chi Minh

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 20-08-2018

Salary: 20,000,000 - 30,000,000 VND / Monthly


Job Description

  1. Client service: Being able to build and maintain the relationship with clients through daily contact and frequent meeting / updates.
  2. Media relations: Being able to build the relationship and deal with media, speaking to journalists and other members of the press.
  3. Content planning: Being able to build and evaluate a content flow for the campaign. Keeping frequent update of the content trends in the market to be able to identify relevant content strategy for the brand / the campaign. Good writing is a plus.
  4. Staff mentoring: Being able to effectively delegate tasks to team members, supervise team performance and provide guidance when needed.
  5. Project management: Good organisational skills & time management are required.
  6. English language fluency: Being able to communicate fluently in both written and spoken English.

Job Requirements

Kinh nghiem Media Relation 

Project Management

Kinh nghiem lam cho nhan hang FMCG nhu Uniliver

Manh ve content (Senior Content, senior copywriter), social campaign 

Uu tien ung vien lam ben Lowe, Rubicam... Big Agency


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