Color Matching Staff/LRM Coordinator | 40HRS

Color Matching Staff/LRM Coordinator

Work Location: Ho Chi Minh

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 31-03-2021

Salary: Negotiate


Job Description

Safety & Housekeeping:

  • Follow Company Health and Safety regulation.
  • Ensure all accidents/incidents and near miss are reported immediately for Lab supervisor.
  • Actively look for areas where safety can be improved to report to relevant people.
  • Maintain standards for housekeeping.


  • Calibrate the spectrophotometers in timely manner following Global SOP 010-1.
  • Condition the samples in the cabinet following Global conditioning SOP 028-1
  • Measure all Lab dyelots into the Colour Stitch system following Global SOP 011-1.
  • Ensure all BRD/BRI/Sewing are assessed pass/fail following the approved tolerances.
  • Ensure all samples are checked under light box.
  • Interpret colour difference data from Color Stitch to determine if batch has passed or failed, and to decide whether redye is required
  • As required, provide high quality redye recipes ensuring focus on minimisation of attempts per shade.
  • Submit high quality thread matches to customers.
  • Ensure all new recipes are developed using approval Coats global dyestuff triangulations and all shade card shades, Colour Atlas shades and GKA shades use the correct global specific triangulation.
  • Drive continual improvement (reduction) in dyeing attempts per request for laboratory requests.
  • Meet and exceed laboratory service lead time targets and to ensure that exceptions are properly and proactively communicated to relevant stakeholders.
  • Fully comply with all relevant laboratory SOPs.
  • Report to Lab supervisor if there is any issues with conditioning Cabinet, Spectrophotometer.

Job Requirements

  • College graduate
  • Good attitude
  • Good discipline
  • Be able to work with computer
  • Colour physics level 3
  • Ability to understand document in English


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