Medical Product Manager

Medical Product Manager

Work Location: Ha Noi

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 14-09-2018

Salary: 3,000 - 5,000 USD / Monthly


Job Description

1.     Organizational/Operational Objectives

·         To regularly review performance of direct reports to ensure alignment to overall company’s objectives and recommend training needs or make necessary resource changes to adapt to constant changes

·         To conceptualise and implement staff development framework, ensuring competence and consistency in job performance, including performance assessment and talent development

·         To align the team with the company’s strategic plans and effect implementation of the same

·         To conduct market analysis, identify SWOT, anticipate changes, meet key manufacturers’ expectations and ultimately meet customers’ needs

·         To regularly benchmark multiple needs & benchmark team service offerings against major competition, proactively implement strategic plans

·         Work closely with team members, review needs, identify threats, and communicate corrective or preventive strategies accordingly


2.     Product Management

·         Strategise product positioning benchmarking against major brand competitor

·         To strategically analyse SKUs, launching those with high market potential and terminating non-profitable ones, maintaining cost control as end result

·         Plan for product launches with principals and FSS team leaders effectively to target relevant market segment and control for success

·         Plan and launch new SKUs for consumables and broaden usage

·         Stay abreast of competition, monitor market trends consistently, client feedback, plan, implement and adopt appropriate strategies

·         To attend training when so required and to train the FSS team and product team in the assigned specialty care area after principal training

·         To organise, manage and follow through on any seminars and  exhibitions assigned to by the company

·         Facilitate inventory turnover and product availability by reviewing and adjusting inventory levels and production schedules

·         Obtain product market share by working with FSS team leader to develop product sales strategies

·         Assess product market data by calling on customers with field staff and evaluating sales call results

·         Plan and roll out promotional activities, conduct product presentations, assist and support in-services and develop training programs for selected agency products as well as product evaluation trials and survey feedback for new product developments to principals

·         Build relationships with key opinion leaders and network with key stakeholders in their respective care areas

·         Manage and monitor samples and demo units’ order and utilisation

·          Manage, escalate and resolve products and field issues with principals

·         Update and support FSS team for product changes throughout product life cycle

·         Lead product planning and execution throughout the product lifecycle, including gathering and prioritising product and customer requirements, defining the product vision to ensure revenue and customer satisfaction goals are met

·         Provide sales team with the necessary technical expertise to enable them to sell the product, providing them with printed and electronic promotional materials, product training, and relevant clinical papers

·         Present product progress to key leaders within the company

·         Plan budget for new product development

·         Manage principal's budget

·         Be responsible for sales performance of the assigned care areas

1.     Others

·         Any other tasks as deemed required by immediate superior or management.

Job Requirements

·         Min Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Marketing or related field.  MBA is preferred.

·         Eight years or above of relevant experience in a similar role.

·         In-depth knowledge of the Healthcare Industry

·         Good business and financial acumen

Proficient in MS PowerPoint and Excel

·         Strategic in approach to solving problems; possess the ability to understand situations on a larger scale, but also possess the ability to manage details

·         Ability to develop effective competitive strategies

·         Strong leadership, interpersonal and management skills; able to communicate impactfully and influencing people positively.

·         Utilize resources effectively and efficiently in accomplishing plans and focus efforts on areas to create most positive impact to the business.

·         Ability to build and develop a team and set clear, achievable goals for team members.

·         Good presentation skills

Fluent in English / [other language]


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