Office manager | 40HRS

Office manager

Work Location: Ho Chi Minh

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 21-10-2022

Salary: 3,000 - 5,000 USD / Monthly


Job Description

To manage and supervise the office daily operation;
To implement the company’s policies, guideline and instructions within the offices as well as towards
third parties;
To manage, supervise and train all personnel;
To represent the company and its interest towards all suppliers and organizations;
To develop market strategies in term of suppliers, products and price developments;
To permanently optimize the process organization with the aim of increasing its efficiency and
To develop action plans with the aim to increase the turnover;
To draw up a yearly budget with controlling reports to assure the budgeted targets will be reached. Do
analysis of budget deviations and make implementation of corrective measures;
Constantly monitor business figures;
To prepare and analyze reports such as:
Monthly Purchasing Report
Approved QS without PO
Shipment Punctuality Report
Per Supplier Order Details
Top Suppliers
Phased-Out Articles
Shipped and Outstanding Reports
Monthly Shipment Report
To ensure that all orders designated for shipment within the calendar year must be shipped punctual;

Job Requirements

To ensure that merchandise claims received by the office must be negotiated and brought to a
conclusion within a predefined timeline;
To ensure that the staff under supervision is constantly checking raw material price developments to
make sure that purchase prices quoted to our customers are reflecting the current market situation.
Hold frequent discussions with purchasing staff to ensure that they quote correct and actual
purchasing prices and if necessary issue so called “Price Change Request” to correct and /or update
purchase prices;
To ensure that the staff under supervision, on a frequent basis, negotiates with the largest suppliers
based on purchase value. Continuously follow up the negotiation results with purchasing staff;
To ensure that the staff under supervision is constantly trying to improve and lower the MOQ for
existing and new suppliers. Hold frequent discussions with purchasing staff to ensure that they put
adequate focus on renegotiating with the suppliers;
To decrease the number of suppliers and do supplier consolidation;
To make yearly planner and fair schedule;
To approve the office personnel’s travel application, leave application, new supplier registration, etc.
To work closely with local Finance and HR personnel on daily office matters, implement internal
control and monitor staff disciplines, etc.
Perform ad hoc duties as required by top management.


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