Product Quality Assurance Manager (PQA Manager) | 40HRS

Product Quality Assurance Manager (PQA Manager)

Work Location: Ho Chi Minh

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 08-07-2022

Salary: 35,000,000 - 40,000,000 VND / Monthly


Job Description

1/ Duties and Authorities regarding Business Planning

+ Establishment of the strategies for Private Brand Food, in long-term (5 to 10 years), mid-term (3 years) and short-term (only next one year). The short-term strategies must be specified in details in quarterly and monthly activities based on the analysis of situations in societies of either global and local.

+ Grabbing, collecting either objective and subjective situations and any information from varieties of sources.

+ Analyzing any situations, our degrees of presence, benefits and risks of results and focusing future of PQA activities in scientific way, to reason for directing and correcting strategies of PQA from time to time.

+ Proposing, officializing, implementing and executing PQA-related policies, regulations and operating systems by analysis of risks, forecasts etc., except any activities relating to marketing, promotions of sales.

+ Becoming the primary contact and department in charge for any activities regarding the Quality Management and Control Department and Customer Service Department (in terms of quality assurance only) of AEON CO., LTD, as well as any governments/authorities contacts regarding PQA activities.

+ Any other matters ordered from the supervisor and/or company from time to time.Directly work and/or support auditors to work with outsourcing certification organization about audit reports according to (deputy) manager assignment.

2/ Duties and Authority of Execution

+ Ensure all products having registration certificate according to Vietnam law before circulation into market

+ Ensure labels comply with Vietname Laws

+ Ensure product quality always steady

+ Manage processes of non-conformity and recall as well as destruction

+ Manage quality issues + Manage product barcode registration

+ Audit factory (self-develop and/or follow Group’s checklist included)

+ Cooperate with Private Brand Food Team to create featured products

+ PQA Market Analysis : Collecting (and reporting to the supervisor and/or company as appropriate) any information related to the PQA including but not limited to, global trends, AEON group companies’ trends, the Vietnam government’s trends, public opinions’ trends, consumers’ trends, manufactures’ trends, products’ trends, financial and investment trends, competitors’ trends, and analyze to extract any matters affecting our PQA activities for corporate brands to be improved.

+ Protection of AEON Images and Brands in Terms of PQA : Watching and collecting (and reporting to the supervisor and/or company as appropriate) any news sources (Paper news, Web news, SNS) relating to AEON group companies’ PQA related activities, and protect our corporate images from the aspect of PQA by any appropriate means in case those news topics are unfavorable to AEON, or may negative impact on our corporate images, as a primary department in charge to corporate with a department in charge of PR. In addition to such activities, this position is allowed to investigate the matter (if unfavorable or negative impact on our corporate brands has occurred) by ordering any related departments, to admonish to correct the situation.

+ Surveys and Analysis : Surveying and examining on PQA evaluation from the society, markets and consumers, as well as the impact matters/issues on our corporate brands.

+ Cross-departments Functions, Primary Contact and Proactive PQA Activities : Coordinating company-wide projects of SMD activities if necessary.

+ Any other activities or matters ordered from the supervisor and/or company from time to time.

3/ General Department Management

+ Planning and Budgeting

+ Planning, budgeting and proposing by breaking down the duties into groups, making budgets (Yearly and Monthly) and clarifying ROI to the supervisor, for hiring employees and/or implementing any necessary assets to purchase and/or activities to be made for achieving the duties.

+ Watching Status : Grasping the progress of various activities, management and controlling status to ensure that those are carried out as planned or budgeted, and improving its performance.

+ Dealing Contracts : Upon approvals from the direct supervisors, proposing to select partners/vendors/suppliers to negotiate, negotiating, deciding, making into and drafting agreements/contracts, and issuing any necessary letters or documents to either internal or external regarding any activities to fulfill the department duties, obligations and responsibilities.

+ Maintenance of Policies and Regulations : Investigating, checking, auditing, creating, maintaining, keeping in effective and proposing any policies, regulations or rules related to the department duties, obligations and responsibilities; then upon approvals from the direct supervisors, installing, implementing, enforcing and amending any such policies, regulations or rules.

+ Supervising Staffs, Subordinates and Members : Planning and maintaining all staff activities, jobs, duties and working schedules (including shift planning, in and out administrations, overtime, and business trip) in the department.

+ Education for Improvements : Planning, educating and improving all staffs’ knowledges and techniques by evaluating performance through creating CDP, then promoting if any staffs are met to be knowledgeful enough, with good humanities and performance, to become superiorly.

+ MBOs : Planning and supervising staffs to establish the yearly MBO and evaluating every half year.

+ Enforcing Company Policies, Rules and Regulations : Supervising all staffs in the department to enforce following AEON basic policies/ethics and complying laws and regulations suitable and sufficient enough as a business person by education.

+ Information Delivery to Staffs : Communicating with and delivering any necessary information to, the staffs in the department for carrying out their duties.

+ Reporting Duties : Establishing and maintaining an appropriate reporting line from all staffs in the department, and report to and/or seek consultation from the supervisor and/or any other departments if necessary.

+ Understandings of Law and Regulations : This department is specialized for SMD matters, and it must understand sufficient enough regarding any laws and regulations regarding PQA activities including but not limited to disposals, environments and charities.

+ Others : Any other activities or matters related to the department, or ordered from the supervisor and/or company from time to time.

4/ Special Functions for External Affairs

+ Primary Contact : Being the primary contact, regarding any PQA activities, to receive any requests of guests and visits besides governments (and/or authorities) relations. By such requests, appointing any necessary personnel (including General Directors) in charge by planning and scheduling, and attend such visits to welcome and greet.

+ Any other activities defined to be the special function by the supervisor or company from time to time.

Job Requirements

  • University degrees
  • Experienced in management of Private Brand Products at least 8 years
  • English Communication (more than average of spoken and written)
  • Project management skills
  • Time management skills.
  • Communication skill (both verbal and written)
  • Presentation skills and choosing appropriate words as both verbal and writing skills
  • Negotiation skills for external affairs
  • Basic risk and crisis management skills
  • Computer literate: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Internet
  • Problem solving skill


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