Regional L&D Manager

Regional L&D Manager

Work Location: Ho Chi Minh

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 08-10-2018

Salary: 4,000 - 7,000 USD / Monthly


Job Description

Plan and Develop Training Program

  • Develop and update vocational training programs for each level (including training course, training materials and training evaluation tools) and mass training programs.
  • Lead the development of training content in detail, ensure the design principles of the training materials of the Group.
  • Lead the evaluation committee and standardize training programs
  • Receive the training program of Group and partners.
  • Manage the training materials system and make sure it is scientific and easy to look up.

Implement Training

  • Orientate, appraise and submit to the Board of Directors for approval of periodic plans of the Training Office (training plan, action plan, training budget).
  • Lead the implementation of cultural training activities, soft skills, professional programs specific for staff
  • Directly teach the modules as assigned.
  • Organize professional examinations, testing skills
  • Develop faculties and appraiser
  • Assigned the internal qualification of internal trainer and applied .
  • Approve the planning and development plan of the trainers / appraisers and training partners.
  • Lead the training and certification of internal trainers.
  • Evaluate training partners for training programs
  • Organize professional activities to exchange of experience and discuss solutions for improving teaching quality
  • Apply the online training management system of the Group
  • Preside the activities of exploiting and apply LMS system, E-learning system, training tools of the Group in the training, professional examination, vocational training and management training. , training data management
  • Research and apply the new training tools / models to support the implementation, monitor and evaluate the training effectiveness according to operation characteristics .
  • Propose to BOD investing and controlling the effective using of material facilities for training (classrooms, practice rooms, professional chambers), training equipment; Assurance of compliance with asset management regulations promulgated and best exploitation, without loss, waste and damage.
  • Aggregate and timely respond to issues of LMS system, E-learning system, training aids to the training committee and stakeholders (eg IT department); Participate in commenting on the requirements of the system to adapt the effective of practical training
  • Evaluate of Training Effectiveness
  • Plan and evaluate the effectiveness of forms, frequency and tools
  • Base on the results of the assessment analyzing reports, direct the adjustment of the program, resources and methods of implementing the training (if needed).
  • Environment and learning cultural
  • Orientate and approve the training messages to spread the learning culture to all employees
  • Make movement buiding plan and learning environment
  • Carry out activities as pland to promote the movement learning.
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Deploy the program to train transferred to Training Department.
  • Collaborate with the Training Department of the Group to deploy training for workers at all levels.

Cultural development

  • Evaluate the environmental and cultural basing on the cultural norms of Group and cultural development programs in the general direction of the Group to offer the orientations of cultural development with reality
  • Lead in the implementation of internal communication activities and events to build into a solid block.
  • Plan and develope cultural resources to ensure sufficient quantity and quality: cultural nucleus in the facilities, external partners and multimedia means and tools.

Job Requirements

  • Graduated from University or above, preferably graduated from a foreign university;
  • Work experience: At least 07 years of experience in the field of training and development, of which at least 02 years experience in the position of Manager in the role of Director, Training Manager or equivalent Organizations with at least 500 people or more have strong and effective human development and training activities;
  • Experience in training / consulting, system design, lean improvement in MNC companies, consultancy companies in training, human resources, corporate management; Companies in FMCG, Retail, Commerce, Manufacturing; Experiences in Multinational company is a plus
  • Enthusiasm and passion for human development & training;
  • System thinking and critical thinking;
  • Communication, presentation, coordination, good teamwork;
  • Active, responsible, drastic, willing to learn, constantly creative;
  • Flexibility in problem solving / problem solving;


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